An Open Letter to All Lovers of Liberty

My dear fellow lovers of Liberty,
In the wake of Ted Cruz dropping out, I have already been contacted by several activists who are “done” with the Republican Party. I want you to know I welcome you with open arms to the Libertarian Party. Our next monthly meeting is Wednesday, May 11 at 6:30pm at 5th Street Pizza in Allen. 
I know you are not “hard core” Libertarians but, in the Collin County Libertarian Party there will be no “purity” tests, just openness and inclusiveness. I know are hurting right now. We can help to heal you AND help create a better world in the process.
You are welcome, but please know that I know it will take you some time to heal. We (the LP) are here to help.
Our message is simply: Let not your hearts be troubled. You DO have an alternative in November. Peace be with you!
PS – I plan to post this same message to supporters of Bernie Sanders in a few weeks. Peace be with you as well.


  1. Roger L Nelson

    Actually I am pretty Hard-core as I worked for the party many years ago in California. No am interested in volunteering, I think.

    1. Post

      Roger, thanks for your message. The best way to get started would be to begin attending meetings like the one next week at 5th Street. Are you about to attend?

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