Your Tax Dollars at Work (or Why I’m a Libertarian)

by Collin County Libertarian Party member Leonard Metters

Back in September of 2015, the Social Security Administration sent me some money to which I was not entitled. I called and asked how to send it back. They replied that I shouldn’t send it back until they asked for it, or my account would get hopelessly snarled.


In October they sent me a letter and a form asking for their money back. I wrote a check and sent it in their special envelope. A month later the check wasn’t cashed, so I called. They told me they had 60 days to process anything, and couldn’t comment further. After 60 days, I called again, and they said they had no record of said check. I hand delivered a replacement to their local office in December, 2015. 

Yesterday I got a letter from Social Security with my old check from October enclosed, telling me that the check was now not negotiable and that I should send a replacement.

So, eight months after I send a check they find it, and five months after I replaced it, they want another replacement. If I couldn’t prove I’d already paid it back, they’d simply withhold it from my next check. They assume no responsibility for their own records.

Words of experience to any younger people reading this: When you deal with a Governmental agency, save EVERYTHING. You will need it.

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