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By Albert MeyerHere are some Libertarian websites that would interest those with time on their hands and a passion for liberty. is liberty on steroids. I’m not sure if this is a “members only” website. I joined it so long ago that I can’t remember if they offer free content. The website offers articles, audio & video, link, topics, publishing sites, discussions, events, chat, groups, organizations, etc. You can have your webpage for publishing purposes.

The site describes “ LIVE” as the next generation of online liberty entertainment and learning. The interface is effortless and agile. The speakers are engaging and passionate. The topics are diverse but connected to real life: the practice of liberty in the world of ideas and in your own life. Every session – occurring almost nightly! – is free with membership. This platform brings the dream of a global learning center to life.Its massive archive contains debates on Love, Hate, and the State, Session #2 with Zak Slayback, The Man of the Century: Mises and His Works, Session #3, The Morality of Voting with Walter Block, Economic Freedom with Robert Lawson, Economic Calculation and Socialism: Theory and Practice #2 with G.P. Manish, Canada: Worth Moving To? with Pierre-Guy Veer, A Student’s Essay that Changed the World with Larry Reed, etc.

Liberty Guides are books/guides that can be downloaded. For example, “Sell Liberty like Don Draper,” by Joe Diedrich comes with the following description: “I don’t care if you’re twelve, twenty-two, or sixty-five. I don’t care if you’re a professor, a plumber, or a photographer. I don’t care how many treatises you’ve read, how many conferences you’ve attended, or how many Adderall you had for breakfast. Sharing your ideas about liberty is difficult. You struggle to effectively discuss and write about liberty in ways that inform and impassion others. Yet you know the effort is ultimately worth it, for liberty fights for peace, unleashes creativity, and impoverishes suffering. So then, how can you communicate better and share liberty with more efficacy?”Other guides are: Reclaim Your Privacy: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now, How to Buy, Sell & Store Precious Metals, Negotiate for Mutual Profit, Hack Your House, Peer-to-Peer Lending, Defend Liberty in the Church, Free Your Children: A Guide for Liberty-Loving Parents, Tucker’s Do’s and Don’ts for Talking Liberty, Digital Couponing: How to Get Free Household Essentials, Up and Running with Bitcoin, Do Business without Intellectual Property, Voice and Exit Manifesto: How to Change the World, Rethinking Higher Education, How to Deal with the Police, Free State Project Guide, Surviving Obamacare, How to Be an Individualist Anarchist, Alternatives to the Police State, How to Buy Your First Handgun, Building an Armory from Scratch, Prepare for Life without the State, Building a Business Under Leviathan: Nevada, Internationalize: Teach English In East Asia, Young & Unemployed, Free Your Laundry From Government Mandated Filth, The Liberty Prepping Mindset, How to Be an Independent Intellectual, etc. hosts this site, The Bastiat Institute, which is devoted to Fedric Bastiat. The Bastiat Institute is dedicated to the spirit of Fredric Bastiat, the French classical liberal theorist and political economist. A father of free-market economics, his seminal works include The Law, Parable of the Broken Window, Economic Sophisms and the “Candlemakers’ Petition”, “What is Seen and What is Unseen”. The Institute is focused on advancing his ideas and increasing awareness and knowledge of free-market economics worldwide. (I named my investment advisory firm which was formed in 2006, Bastiat Capital, after this good man.)The Bastiat Institute also has a Facebook page (with 93,470 likes), with this great quote as the masthead: The State is the Great Fiction through which Everyone Endeavors to Live at the Expense of Everyone Else.”

The Libertarian Alliance (United Kingdom) Home Page say in their own words: “The Libertarian Alliance is the largest and most active libertarian organisation outside North America. We are not against any transient set of politicians, or their policies, or their parties.

We are against the State itself – the State and all the other structures of oppression that it creates or enables. When we talk about freedom, we don’t set or imply limits.For us, freedom of speech is the right to say anything about public affairs, whether political, scientific, historical or otherwise.For us, freedom of association is about the right to deal (or not) with any other consenting adult, for any non-aggressive purpose, and without need for explanation.We believe in the right to carry and use guns for self-defence, in the right to consume or sell recreational drugs, in the right to use or publish pornography.We believe that government spending should be cut. We think a fair approximation to a free society would be one in which the average tax bill was lower than the average phone bill.As we said in 1981, ‘What we want is a Government so small that it doesn’t matter where it is, what it does, who’s in it, or how they got there.’ And that’s just the beginning! FOR LIFE, LIBERTY AND PROPERTY!

They have a blog page as well at is just an example of current blog entries:

  • Thoughts on Austerity
  • Marxist Feminism’s Ruined Lives
  • Why Traditionalism and Libertarianism are not incompatible
  • 5 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Obtain a State Marriage License
  • Political Systems: M&S and Public Toilets
  • In Praise of Self Development and the Work Ethic
  • The Regulaytor’s Tale
  • “Non-Violent Extremism” – dangerous nonsense from Cameron and May.
  • British State Getting Ready to Dump the Dollar
  • Hungarian State Goes Totalitarian Humanist
  • Offensive remarks on Twitter should not be punishable by prison, let alone death
  • Australia’s Lone Libertarian
  • Drink and Fags and the Unemployed: Never Underestimate the Stupidity of Iain Duncan Smith
  • The “Boomerang Effect”: How Foreign Policy Changes Domestic Policy

Sean Gabb Ph.D. is the life and soul behind the Libertarian Alliance, and one of the most brilliant people I’ve met. Here’s his website:“Sean Gabb is the author of 20 books and about 300 essays. Under the name Richard Blake, he has written six historical novels for Hodder & Stoughton. These have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Greek, Slovak, Hungarian, Chinese and Indonesian. Under his own name, he has written four novels. His other books are mainly about libertarian politics. He has been Director of the Libertarian Alliance since 2006, and his involvement with the organisation stretches back to the last Monday in December 1979. He lives in Kent with his wife and daughter.”

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