Libertarian Manifesto – Part Nine

This is the ninth and final installment of the Libertarian Manifesto of Collin County Libertarian Party member Albert Meyer. Albert has been kind enough to share this with us. We hope you find it useful.

Point Nine

This brings us to the size of government. It is really very simple. We need a radically scaled-down Federal government. If you want your taxpayer-funded perks, ask your State Representatives. They have the same powers to tax as the Federal government. However, a mass-migration from high-tax states to low-tax states might ensue, as foreseen by our Founding Fathers.If prosperity came with big-government, the Soviet Union would have been an economic paradise. If you draw a graph that plots the size of government (measured in expenditures as a percentage of GDP) and per capita income, the countries with the highest per capita income are also the ones with the smallest governments. If government could produce more jobs from a billion dollars in taxes than the private sector could, we would be happy to surrender most of our income to government. If the reverse is true, which it always is, then we should keep government as small as possible to ensure maximum prosperity for all, which is what gave the US its significant competitive advantage when socialists were running riot in Europe for most of the 20th century.Smaller government means more take home pay, a lot more of it. More consumer-spending creates more prosperity. It is an experiment well worth trying, and after four years, the jury will be out. Voters can vote the big government fat cats back into power if they don’t like their bulging wallets.How will we pay for the change in the Social Security regime? Very simply, cut the defense budget to $300 billion. We are a nuclear power with military equipment and resources that cannot be matched in anyway by any other power on earth.  Besides, if we treat other nations with respect and dignity and refrain from interfering in their internal affairs, and do not build military bases in their backyards, they would have no reason to be belligerent towards the US, and neither would terrorist organizations plot evil against us.Currently, the military-industrial complex is holding the US voters and their Representatives hostage (President Eisenhower warned that this would happen if we were not vigilant). We can persist with this pernicious situation or we can send these special interests packing. Take back our freedom and control over our hard-earned wages. Vote for a presidential candidate who will maintain a well-equipped military to defend the homeland, but does not to venture abroad in search of enemies.

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