A Libertarian Way to Invigorate Africa

This is another post from Collin County Libertarian Party member Albert Meyer. We love his ability to think creatively about possibilities. Apart from some grandstanding by first world leaders, and not discounting the good work being done by NGOs, poverty-stricken Africa is for the most part a forgotten continent.Foreign aid has been a total failure and private investors have little appetite for investing in countries where private property rights are not respected.For some insight, I recommend Paul Theroux’s The Last Train to Zona Verde: My Ultimate African Safari.Here is an extract from a NYT Book Review:

Yet much of this trip is a dispiriting slog through squalid bus stations and urban slums, enlivened by Theroux’s vivid evocations of misery as well as by his moral outrage.The murderous, self-elected, megalomaniacal head of state with the morals of a fruit fly . . . is an obscene feature of African life that is not likely to disappear,” he writes at the end of this grim journey…

I believe there is a way to change the course of Africa that would offer its children a future much different from the grim realities they currently have to endure. This SlideShare presentation below offers an alternative to foreign aid that envisages the establishment of Sovereign Cities that could attract a trillion dollars of foreign investment and over a period of fifty to a hundred years could leave Africa with a legacy of wealth and capital formation that no program conceived by politicians or government bureaucrats could ever match.

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