An Open Letter to All Lovers of Liberty

My dear fellow lovers of Liberty,
In the wake of Ted Cruz dropping out, I have already been contacted by several activists who are “done” with the Republican Party. I want you to know I welcome you with open arms to the Libertarian Party. Our next monthly meeting is Wednesday, May 11 at 6:30pm at 5th Street Pizza in Allen. 
I know you are not “hard core” Libertarians but, in the Collin County Libertarian Party there will be no “purity” tests, just openness and inclusiveness. I know are hurting right now. We can help to heal you AND help create a better world in the process.
You are welcome, but please know that I know it will take you some time to heal. We (the LP) are here to help.
Our message is simply: Let not your hearts be troubled. You DO have an alternative in November. Peace be with you!
PS – I plan to post this same message to supporters of Bernie Sanders in a few weeks. Peace be with you as well.

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