Open letter to our friends

From Michael Jones.Dear friend and patriot,Hard to believe another Presidential election is upon us. I know you hear every time that “This is the most important election of your lifetime!”, so I won’t say that. But our country is at a crossroads: Do we want ever more government intrusion in our lives, or do we want Liberty?The “twiddle-dee/twiddle-dum” parties are again dividing us against each other and promising to give us “more stuff’ (…by taking it away from somebody else). But that’s not really what America should be about. This election, as one commentator said, is about whether you want “free stuff” or Freedom. I couldn’t have said it better myself.There is an alternative. You can vote for Gary Johnson and the Libertarians! Here are some reasons to-

  1. Libertarians, America’s 3rd largest and fastest growing party, is committed to the smaller, less intrusive government the Founder’s envisioned, and wrote into the Constitution.
  2. Libertarians believe our policies should be socially tolerant but fiscally responsible.
  3. Your vote for the Libertarians is not the proverbial “wasted vote”. Rather, it’s a true opportunity to tell the government to “Get off our backs and outta our pockets!” It’s a vote to say you want to run your own life, rather than just deciding whether to let the Republicans or the Democrats run it for you. The only wasted vote is the one that preserves the status quo.

Please give the Libertarian candidates on your ballot a fighting chance. Your vote for them will be truly appreciated by me, by them, and by Liberty.If you want more info, contact me at my email,, or call me at 214.649.8065, or contact your local Libertarian Party.Thanks,-Michael C. Jones

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