A Few Ways to Get Involved with the Libertarian Party

100px-Libertarian_Party_US_LogoWe have been getting quite a few inquires lately, no surprise there. The two old parties are on a road to implosion and we will be there to be sure the ideas of Liberty and Freedom are still around to be implemented.For those of you who have recognized this trend ahead of the curve there are a few ways you can get involved with the Libertarian Party.First, we would love to have your help locally here in Collin County. We are planning to be involved in the annual Plano Balloon Festival and need volunteers to staff the booth among other tasks. If you would like to get involved, please email our chair, Ed Kless at ed.kless@electkless.com. (If you have no time, please consider donating instead.)MIllerSecond, it is critical for at least one statewide Libertarian candidate to garner five percent in November. Why? Because if we (the LP) do not, we will lose ballot access in Texas. This would mean an expensive, as is $500,000, to get it back in 2018. To that end, please consider volunteering for the Mark A. Miller for Texas Railroad Commissioner. (If you have no time, please consider donating instead.)Third, of course there is the Johnson/Weld campaign. Right now the drive is to get them to over 15 percent in national polls, so they can participate in the debates. The are looking for volunteers. (If you have no time, please consider donating instead.)

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