Statement of Position Concerning HB 73 Preventing Controlled Substance Deaths


The Collin County Libertarian Party, pleased that the 2017 Legislative Session is considering several measures to improve governance in Texas, ask that you consider:


in North America, there are an average of more than 43,000 overdose related deaths every year. That is about 120 deaths every day. This bill is so important because it could give people the life-saving medical attention that they need without the requestor fearing punishment.


The symptoms of an overdose include: hallucination, dizziness, confusion, drowsiness, and visual disturbances. These symptoms can impede a person’s ability to call emergency services for themselves, or even to realize that they need services.


it makes no sense to use a call for help as a means of identifying and prosecuting a crime against the party calling for help. This use is a good method of ensuring that someone who feels they may have something to hide will not provide help or ask for help.  People can die for this reason.


it is a sad truth that people who do not follow all laws will always be fearful of being caught, and an even sadder truth that this fear can cause an “every man for himself” attitude.  This attitude will ensure that people will not survive who would otherwise have if only help had been available.


while we do not condone the reckless abuse of drugs, we believe that this bill will save lives.


to benefit Liberty and Texas, the Collin County Libertarian Party respectfully asks all members of our Legislature to fully support HB 73 within this legislative session, including a “yea” vote.Click to down this SoP as a PDF – Statement of Position-HB 73We welcome your thoughts and comments.

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