Statement of Position – Concerning HB 4416 Relating to the qualifications necessary for a political party to have the names of its nominees placed on the ballot


We are happy to report that a vote on this bill has been postponed until May 2020, effectively squashing it for this session. Our thanks to Representative Jeff Leach and his staff for their assistance in making this happen. 

The Collin County Libertarian Party is dismayed that the 2019 Legislative Session is considering a measure which will limit Liberty in Texas, and asks that you consider:


current law requires a party to obtain five percent in any statewide race, already a significant threshold to obtain.


this bill appears to “solve” a non-problem unless one views political opponents as a threat.


the Libertarian Party obtained ballot access in 2016 in all 50 states thereby demonstrating its viability nationally. Increasing this threshold would deny Texans the ability to support Liberty by voting for the third largest political party in the United States.


Texans desiring to vote for candidates of a current party still have that option, as each candidate is clearly labeled with their party affiliation.


having a third-party nominee on the ballot keeps extreme candidates from the other parties in check but offering a viable choice should that candidate back positions not desired by even members of their own party.


to benefit Liberty and Texas, the Collin County Libertarian Party respectfully asks all members of our Legislature to reject HB 4416 within this legislative session, including a “no” vote in committee and on the floor.

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