July 13th Business Meeting Notes

Monthly Meeting Agenda
Wednesday 13th, July 2022, 7:00 PM

Mellow Mushroom
218 E. Louisiana St.
McKinney, TX 75069

Check-in and Registration

If voting is necessary during the meeting, only those who qualify per our by-laws will be able to vote on motions. We do, however, welcome participation and comments either way.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order (Ed Kless) 7:00 (with a Modelo bottle)
  2. Moment of Silence (Rich Moore) 7:00
    1.   Gratitude: found parking spot
  3. Approval of Previous Monthly Meeting Minutes and Secretary’s Report (Paul Thompson) 7:01
    1.   Several members didn’t get the email but they will check e-mail.
    2. Hwy 5 overpass meeting. Opposed it.  Will be working on a statement against it. 
  4. Officer Reports 7:05
    1. 4.1.Treasurer (TJ Reilly) 7:24 (arrived late)
      1. 4.1.1.$2,021.67
    2. 4.2.Vice-chair (Nathan Polsky) 7:06
      1. 4.2.1. Setting up booths at festivals.  Getting booth in a box from TXLP to help out.  Also looking for volunteers to man the booth (Sept. 22-24)
        1. Question posed: we paid money last time and didn’t get it back when event was canceled.  Nathan will check on cancellation policy. 
        2. Would like to create a convention/festival team to run 
          1.  Ed Kless will volunteer.
      2. 4.2.2. SLEC Update:

July 2nd 2022 SLEC Meeting

Waco, TX

  1. Updates
  • Reminder that county chairs may have to file with the TEC by this Friday.
  • As of now, all LP candidates are still on the ballots for the November election. They will list who has and hasn’t paid the filing fees for anyone that is curious. The GOP may still file a lawsuit on the last possible day to remove candidates that did not file. This is what they did last time.
  • The League of Women Voters will be sending surveys out to ALL candidates. If you do not receive one, please reach out to them, or one of us to get you in touch. It is HIGHLY recommended to fill out their surveys.
  • LPTexas, in a joint agreement with several other states, purchased Agility, which is a high-end PR software. Affiliates will be allowed to send requests to the state party to have them distribute.
  • $10,000 has been added to the legal funds budget which is being used to actively fight the filing fees. Anyone interested in contributing can donate directly to that fund.
  • Two open staff volunteer positions. Outreach and Affiliate Coordinators. 
  • LPTexas has transitioned to a new CRM system called CiviCRM. This is the same system that LNC is using and the staff are being trained on it currently. The current expectation is for County Chairs to also receive access/training sometime in August or September. SLEC reps are also asking for access to help affiliate new counties and bring in new members. I requested that county chairs at least be notified automatically when new members register with the state and reside within the county so that we can quickly engage with them.
  • Our state convention, while as nice and smooth as it was, also cost us $12,000 in lost revenue. This was in large part due to the events team that were responsible for it having no clear oversight and disappearing shortly before the convention. We’re making sure that an actual convention committee is formed for the next state convention and the budget is watched more closely.
  • Andrew Amelang, who was our state volunteer executive director, is being hired on as a paid employee. He’s expected to increase his time with the party from 20 hours a week to 40 hours. This should be huge for the party and we hope to see a lot of new donors/members.
  • Our SLEC forums, where we discuss business outside of the quarterly meetings, are now viewable to the public. If you want to see what all is being discussed, you can head over to forum.lptexas.org and sign up.

The next SLEC meeting is November 19th.

Aiming for an August “Keep Allen Beautiful” volunteer time.

Other County Chairs are forming a multi-county wide pac to do an events for the LP.  Joining forces with 5 counties ($25 per county per month)

  1. 1.3.Chair (Ed Kless) 7:21
    1. 1.3.1. Call for Tippetts County Coordinator (Will send a link with positions and descriptions) 


    2. 1.3.2. Balloon Festival: Worlds Smallest Political Quiz App – can this be created? Want to capture e-mail addresses for a list to do outreach. 
      1.  Nathan says he can create a QR code.  Will check his block walking app to see if it can create this. 
      2.  Questions are copyrighted so we need to change it
      3.  Filing Fee – opposed filing fee submitted to be on the ballot – because Democrats and Republican ($250 – 2,500) get their fee refunded back to them.  Libertarian fees go to the general fund.  He’s running for SD8 to be part of the lawsuit.
        1. Moore: Would we still be fine with paying even if it did come back? 
          1.  No – but it has an air of fairness. 
        2.  Michael Jones – tax payers subsidize R and D events. 
        3.  New Film by Acton Institute: “Immigrant” about Jimmy Lai from china and came to America.  He’s been in prison since 80’s – a screening could be an event
      4.  New Data Base: access for all of the officers in CCLP
      5.  Will not be trained on CRM – he will be educated.  Horses and Dogs are trained
  1. Welcoming new attendees (Ed Kless) 7:33
    1.   Kayla Walker
    2.   Kevin Proctor
    3.   Vernesha Roberts (Rene fiance)
  2. Old business (Ed Kless and members) 7:35
  3. New business (Ed Kless and members) 7:35
    1.   Nathan Polsky – motions to spend up to 500 for booth access at Plano Balloon Festival and booth material. 
      1. 7.1.1. Robert Broadfoot – seconded
      2. 7.1.2.  Rich Moore – objection: how many people have we added to our county ranks from being at the balloon festival
        1.  Ed Kless – added people to mailing list – not sure on the membership
        2. RM: may not be worth the money.  What is the return on investment
        3. NP: Other chairs have increased their mailing list
        4.  M.C.J: We would want to be close to the R and D
        5. EK: It’s better during an election season.  (Senate election this year).  Lead generation and branding: this is about branding.  We have people willing to do covering
        6. MCJ: more things we have for kids to do is better
        7. NP: the booth in a box has all of this. 
        8.  Jonathan Casey: how many people attend
        9.  NP: Thousands.
      3. 7.1.3.  Ayes have it (7:42)
  4. Adjourn (From the floor)
    1. Robert Broadfoot – move to adjourn 7:43
    2. Nathan Polsky Seconded

7:45 – Presentation by Kevin Auld-Proctor (Project Appleseed)

501 C3 – no instructor gets paid.  Offer lowest cost training

$75 per course.  Rely on word of mouth. No gun related injuries. 

each instructor has over 100 hours of training 

25 meter event (Waco and Gainsville)

AQT (standing, kneeling, prone position training)

Can do a private range for the LP (all ages allowed) can do a 50% off ($35 per person) 

10 person min. / 35 in Waco max and 15 shooters in Gainesville 

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