October Meeting Notes


Monthly Meeting Agenda

WEDNESDAY, October, 12 2022, 7:00 pm

Spring Creek BBQ

1993 N Central Expy N
McKinney, TX 75069

Check-in and Registration

If voting is necessary during the meeting, only those who qualify per our by-laws will be able to vote on motions. We do, however, welcome participation and comments either way.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order (ED KLESS) 7:00 pm

Welcome to meeting of 2023 – corrected for 2022…

  1. Approval of Previous Monthly Meeting Minutes and Secretary’s Report (PAUL THOMPSON) 7:01 

Not officially meeting.  

  1. Officer Reports
    1. 3.1.Treasurer (THOMAS REILLY) Not Present

a. Will email and get official balance.

  1. 3.2.Vice-chair (NATHAN POLSKY) 7:02

a. Plano Balloon Festival.  

200 people took quiz.  

Had several sign up to be on newsletter.

Met several workers from other political parties.

b.  Friday Happy Hour at Northside Draft House (info on all the socials)

(thanks to Rachel for setting it up)

May be visited by Republican group

c.  Prestonwood Baptist is hosting a candidate forum.

Tuesday, October 18 5:30

Christy Mowrey is speaking

d.  Range Day (October 29th) 

slots available.  Please purchase tickets ASAP

Michael Farmer took the class and it was amazing. 

e. Joe Roberts is running for his district.

October 22nd, 23rd to do block walking.

Sign up genius for page 

f.  KAB (Keep Allen Beautiful)

We finished our year and can choose a road

Coordinator will provide a list of roads. 

Nathan will pick a spot. 

g.  Midterm Election Watching Party with a brief meeting.

In coordination with Dallas, Denton County

The Goat Bar in Dallas reserving a room for us. 

Recognition of Nathan’s work by Ed Kless

  1. 3.3.Chair (ED KLESS) 7:17

a. Participated in the League of Women Voters Summit.

b.  Cannot make Prestonwood

  1. Guest Speaker: CYNTHIA BECKER [Rank Choice Voting] 7:20

a. Presentation with Q/A 

  1. Old business (E.K. and members) 8:01

a.  None

  1. New business (E.K. and members) 8:01
    1. Nathan Polsky – Request to officially endorse our Libertarian candidates
    2. Nathan Polsky – Vote to attend Dickens in Downtown Plano and approval for ornament purchase for give away (donations) at the event.
      December 3rd – Downtown Plano.

a. Political parties have booths.  $100 – $125 (non profit)

b. Getting “TIT” ornaments to “give away for donation” at the booths, Ron Paul Prayer Candles, T-shirts, etc.

c.  Michael Jones – it’s a family friendly event and a political party booth might not be in the vein of the event.

d. Participation submitted by end of October.

Motion to Participate in Dickens Christmas and spend up to $125

No objection.  Motion Carries. (8:08)

e. What do other parties do?  (Michael Jones: Selling t-shirts. Not sure)

NP: Educate on political parties.

f. Ed Kless – we will decide what we do later

Motion to spend up to $750 in support of the Dickens Festival

No objection.  Motion Carries. (8:13)

g. Michel Jones: on election board.  Will be going to the first meeting next week. Will be there under the auspices, coordination of the Republican. Will have a more comprehensive presentation in the monthly meeting or possibly January.  Let him know if you hear of voting shenanigans.

  1. Adjourn (From the floor) 8:17
    1. Motion: Nathan Polsky
    2. Seconded: Michael Farmer
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