January, 11 2023 Business Meeting Notes


Monthly Meeting Agenda

Wednesday 11th January 2023, 7:00 PM

Spring Creek BBQ

270 N US 75-Central Expy 1000, Richardson, TX 75080

Check-in and Registration

If voting is necessary during the meeting, only those who qualify per our by-laws will be able to vote on motions. We do, however, welcome participation and comments either way.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order (Ed Kless) 7:03
  1. Moment of Silence (RM) 7:03

– Gratitude for new year and has plans and organization.

  1. Approval of Previous Monthly Meeting Minutes and Secretary’s Report (Paul Thompson) 7:04

– No business meeting last month

  1. Officer Reports 7:04
    1. 4.1.Treasurer (TJ Reilly)
      Current Balance: (_$679.37_)
    2. 4.2.Vice-chair (Nathan Polsky)
      – L3 – in Nov the SLEC approved L3 access which gives us election information across the state.  We can see data by household.  Counties and campaign individuals can export the data and pay to print.
      – working with state members on an unofficial bylaws committee.  State changes were not part of RONR so they’ve been working on discussing a new template.  Presenting a new template to adopt and send to new counties
      – Gone through larger cities in CC school board, city council to see what is open and who has an incumbents.  Notify leadership if you want to run.
    3. 4.3.Chair (Ed Kless) 7:10
      – legislative session open. If you want to meet with representative and state officials.  (In Austin) 

– Filing fees fight still ongoing. There is a committee to deal with it.

  1. Welcoming new attendees (Ed Kless) 7:12

– Rachel Elliott – for MISD

  1. Old business (Ed Kless and members) 7:13

– Dickens was a success. Sent links to all (but one). 3 new signups. 

– KAB – officially a Keep Allen Beautiful painter.  McDermott and Alma is our location. Sign will go up soon but waiting on character count and city officials to get back with us. April and November cleanup plus 2 others. (Rich Moore looking into vests with our name on it)
– Rich Moore – rifle event was great.  Apple Seed has range booked for the year so if we want to do it again, sign up for an existing date but not as a private event.
– TJ will follow up with LPTX on Crypto. 

  1. New business (Ed Kless and members) 7:21

Nathan Polsky – motion to formally create an elections committee for 2023 local elections.

Motion to temporarily establish an election committee appointed by the chair and comprised of an odd number of members of at least 3 and no more than 5 for the purpose of finding and recommending libertarian, or libertarian leaning, local candidates in the upcoming May 2023 elections.

Proposed: Nathan Polsky

Seconded:  Rich Moore

No objection.  The motion carries. (7:23)

Ed Kless – Nov. 18, Nick Escue submitted, via email: Decriminalize Plano. To get Plano City Council to decriminalize cannabis. (See email text below)

Motion to respond:  Ed Kless

Seconded: Steve Guillott

No Objection: Motion carries. (7:25)

– Happy Hour (Rachel Wester) – Friday 27th, 5-7 (TBA) Lonestar Winery

  1. Adjourn (From the floor) 7:28
    1.   Move: Rich Moore
    2.   Second: Nathan Polsky

Rachel Elliott: MISD place 5.  May 6th voting.  Running against longest standing school board member. Put kids first and a voice back to the parents.  Transparency in finances.  Worked at Fidelity finances.  Dug deeper in finances – they’re not being transparent. Bids on construction project, etc. Doing a lot of spending: buy hot/cold tubs for all the high schools (30k each), tracks are closed to public.

EK – clarify school safety

RE – her daughters life was threatened in the cafeteria.  They removed the individual but they sent daughter back to class.  Called mother after school about it – wants to see who is involved in safety.  

EK – can teachers be armed?

RE – there are issues we would have to leave out.  Not opposed to it – open for discussion on it.  Teachers would lay down life to protect but want to pick the right teachers. 

PT – school choice/vouchers?

RE – money follows child.  Parents should have a say so in where the money goes.  Government doesn’t get to tell you how to homeschool your child, either.  Parents have the rights to raise their child as they see fit. 

SG – any parts of American history that shouldn’t be taught?

RE – has a history degree and long history of American patriotism (family, etc.) Some history isn’t the prettiest but kids need to know the truth and realities.  Teach kids how to think not what to think.  Stop with divisive teaching (CRT).  All history should be taught. 

MJ – is the school board open to change?

RE – one person is willing to ask questions.  No discussions on important issues.  (Ex. Elementary 22 got 3 minutes of voting time, closed door discussions on important matters)

NP – thoughts on prayer in school

RE – has diverse friends and religions and backgrounds.  Christianity has different “stuff”. Agrees with moment of silence where kids decide who to pray for. Public education – if you want Christian School or Muslim school, go there.  

NP – requiring to recite the Pledge of Allegiance 

RE – loves history and pledge is part of it.  Does not think it should be required, optional.  No forced pledging.

Has an active past in school functions and committees. 


  1. Ed Kless
  2. Nathan Polsky
  3. Paul Thompson
  4. Rachel Wester
  5. TJ Reilly
  6. Rich Moore
  7. Michael Jones
  8. Rachel Elliott ( and Daughter)
  9. Paul Elliott
  10. 10. Steve Guillott
  11. 11.  
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