Libertarian Candidates for Public Office

Mark Tippets

​”I seek the maximum protection of the rights of all people against any violation, be it by other people, other nations, or our own government. I oppose the initiation of coercion (force, threat of force, or fraud) as a means of achieving personal, political, or social goals.”

Christy Mowrey
State Board of
District 12

“As the mother of three, former foster parent, educator, executive director, and business leader, I understand the importance of preserving parental rights and fighting for  taxpayers. I am passionate and well-versed in the issues facing Texas families.  If we want to change the course of our state and the country, we MUST change the way we educate our children.”

Chris Claytor
US House in TX Congressional District 3

“I long for an America where the government lets you live your life the way you want, with the freedoms that made America great! I swear to fight, to my very last breath if necessary, to ensure you enjoy the stated freedoms in the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights, just as I did when I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution on the parade field at the United States Military Academy at West Point.”

Ed Kless
State Senate District 8


Ed Kless is running for Texas Senate District 8.