City Council Candidate Questionnaire Responses

Welcome to our City Council Candidate Questionnaire page! Here, you’ll find valuable insights into the positions and perspectives of the candidates vying for seats on city councils in our county. We believe in transparency and informed decision-making, which is why we reached out to all candidates with a comprehensive questionnaire. While not all candidates responded, those who did have provided valuable information about their vision for our communities. Below, you’ll find links to their responses, empowering you to make an informed choice in the upcoming election. Explore their viewpoints and policies to ensure your voice is heard on election day.

Allen City Council Candidates

Dave Cornette – Place 3

David Shafer – Place 5

Kenneth Cook – Place 3

Dave Scott – Place 1

Mike Schaeffer – Place 1

Carrollton City Council Candidates

Laura Vola – Place 1

Celina City Council Candidates

Andy Hopkins – Place 3

Parker City Council Candidates

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