May 2023 Business Notes


Monthly Meeting Agenda

Wednesday 10th,  May 2023, 7:00 PM

Terri’s Gelato Cafe

101 N. McDonald St. 

Check-in and Registration

If voting is necessary during the meeting, only those who qualify per our by-laws will be able to vote on motions. We do, however, welcome participation and comments either way.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order (Ed Kless)

7:00 – Order called

  1. Moment of Silence (Rich Moore)

7:00 – Daughter moved back in. Glad to have her back

  1. Approval of Previous Monthly Meeting Minutes and Secretary’s Report (Paul Thompson)

7:01 – Minutes passed. No objections

  1. Officer Reports
    1. 4.1.Treasurer (TJ Reilly)

– Current balance $730.83

  1. 4.2.Vice-chair (Nathan Polsky)

– KAB Success

– Campaign results

– Current state bills

  1. 4.3.Chair (Ed Kless) 

– Nothing to report

  1. Welcoming new attendees (Ed Kless) – 7:07

 Jennifer – Student at Liberty University (Ron Paul)

 Ismail – From New Jersey. 2A advocate (Ron Paul)

 Tony Harris – From Washington State 

  1. Old business (Ed Kless and members) – 7:20

BBQ Update (Rich) – Motion to spend up to $100  to reserve a pavilion at breckinridge park on June 10th from 10am – 2pm for multi-county BBQ.

Randal seconded

No objection


  1. New business (Ed Kless and members)
    1. 7.1.Twitter Blue (Nathan Polsky)
      1. Moved: Motion to spend $8/month on Twitter blue to be reviewed annually on May’s meeting.
      2. Seconded: Rich seconded

3. No objection. Carries

  1. 7.2. Statement on Allen Mall Shooting (Nathan Polsky)
    1. Motion to submit statement on Allen Mall Shooting
    2. Read by Ed Kless. Seconded by Nathan. No objections.
  1. Adjourn (From the floor)

Nathan motioned. Seconded by Christy.


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