July 12th, 2023 Meeting


Monthly Meeting Agenda

Wednesday 12th,  July 2023, 7:00 PM

Terri’s Gelato Cafe

101 N. McDonald St. 

Check-in and Registration

If voting is necessary during the meeting, only those who qualify per our by-laws will be able to vote on motions. We do, however, welcome participation and comments either way.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order (Ed Kless) 7:00
  1. Moment of Silence (Rich Moore) 7:00
  1. Approval of Previous Monthly Meeting Minutes/Secretary’s Report (Paul Thompson) 7:01
  1. Officer Reports
    1. 4.1.Treasurer (TJ Reilly) 7:02 
  • $808.77
  1. 4.2.Vice-chair (Nathan Polsky) 7:03
  • SLEC chose destination.  Corpus Cristy. Approval of convention center pending.
  • Skipping Balloon Festival for the Gun Festival.  September 23rd – 24th
    • Cheaper and indoors.  (Wahoo) and people who align with our views more likely to attend
    • Joke was made – it’s worth a shot.
    • Aware of Convention season and 
    • Looking for Haigh caliber gun jokes
  • Litter Cleanup last Saturday.
    • Next one will be in October.
  1. 4.3.Chair (Ed Kless) 7:09
  • LPTexas is still a convention party.  The new law wasn’t voted on.
  • Filing fees still open so there will still be people who run and don’t pay in protest.
  • Convention is always the Tuesday after the primary.
    • Encourage friends not to vote in primary or engage in petitions for candidates.
    • TNM (Texas National Movement) is trying tout the TEXIT on GOP ticket. If L signs, they affiliate with GOP and can’t be involved with convention.
  • Rich Moore – any change to the Crypto Currency 
  1. Welcoming new attendees (Ed Kless)
  1. Old business (Ed Kless and members) 7:14
  • Civil Asset Forfeiture – new meeting with representative
    • Last legislative bill out of committee but not on calendar.
    • New reform bill coming through IJ going to be filed first thing next session
  1. New business (Ed Kless and members) 7:16
  • Michael Jones: works at the election office
    • Handouts for election fliers/handouts don’t have Libertarian Party 
    • WW2 Band of Brothers Tour Report
      • Youngest son is a suddenly a “History Nut”
      • Toured many of the sites featured in Band of Brother’s movie/series.
      • People there acknowledge that Americans helped liberated them
        • People back then thought they were fighting for something democracy.
    • H on LPTexas Staff
      • Legacy outreach person
      • Coordinating events
        • Texas Cannabis collective march and protest.
  • L2 Data (NP/EK)
    • Access to database and see who voted for what and where.
    • We have to pay to export it
      • Want to target people who registered to vote but didn’t vote last year (30K in Collin)
      • Allocation of funds to test this
    • Will come up with a plan on how to use it.
  • Happy Hour – We will do it.
    • Friday, July 28th – Location TBD
  1. Adjourn (From the floor) 7:31
  • Motion – Nathan Polsky
  • Second – 

Attendance. (12)

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