My Story – Ed Kless

Earlier in my life I considered myself a libertarian-leaning conservative Republican. That was until 2008 when John McCain suspended his campaign to return to Washington to help pass TARP and other legislation to “save capitalism.” It became clear that this really meant “bail out failing companies.” Capitalism without failure is like religion with hell. We cannot privatize profits yet socialize the losses. The market economy is above all else, an information system. Prices and profits AND losses are examples. When a company fails it is signal that this company deserves to die because it is failing to create value for society as it is currently constructed. In 2008 the D and R Congresscritters along with the POTUS openly conspired to suppress this information. I had had enough!

I looked up the Libertarian Party of Texas and sent in my first donation to the Party and to Pat Dixon who was the state chair at the time as well as running for city council in Lago Vista. I have not looked back since. I am running Texas State Senate for District 8 for the fourth time. Not because I think I will win, but to give others like me a choice to say no the duopoly. While we might not be winning today, I believe our purpose is to keep the ideas of liberty and freedom alive so that when the politically impossible becomes the politically inevitable, the ideas are still there to be picked up and used to improve human flourishing.

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